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Copyright and other forms of intellectual property rights play an essential role in ensuring that creators of original works exert untrammeled control over their original works, and that third parties cannot recreate such works without the creator’s permission to do so, which incentivizes the creator of the original works to make sustained contributions to the artistic and literacy areas.

The creators of original works such as music, movies, novels, computer programs are protected under Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988[1] and EU directives. However, when it comes to fragrance and other types of ‘non-conventional works’, the applicability of IPL protection is far from unequivocal. Thus, this essay will examine current legal framework of IPL laws pertaining to perfumes and determine the fitting legal treatment of such works.

The essay will zero in on the types of intellectual property rights afforded to perfumes, and fragrances. Having considered the available avenues for intellectual property protections to these works, the essay will proffer suggestions as to how make the current legal system- both on EU and UK level– more effective.


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