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             We offer highly efficient accounting services for our clients including local and national clients. We have many years of experience helping clients thereby maximize their value during the period of change.

             Accounting refers to notification and scrutiny of all the transactions of entity for a given financial year. There are certain accounting standards which need to be fulfilled  while providing this service. These accounting standards are issued by the Accounting Standard Board of India (ASB).

            Why accounting arises is; that while filing annual income tax return; from individual to companies have to be fulfill with the requirement of accounting matters. We also offer design, implementation and requirement of accounting manual. All these services we are providing at market leading rate.



       We are blessed with team of qualified and highly efficient experts in auditing and assuarance services. We are rendering services to our client for their financial stability , take care of their operations as well as helps in decision making  process. All our services are in comply with legal environment.


       Audit is compulsory for every incorporated company u/s 139 of Companies Act, 2013 or any other act, as well as  for other business entity having  turnover of one crore or above is subjected to audit u/s 44 of Income tax Act, 1961.

       Statutory Audit is the service which we are offering to our clients based on their Cash/Fund Flow statements, Profit & Loss Accounts & Balance Sheets to furnish exact and accurate financial statements with certain scrutiny process to limit false details and provide utmost situation of the companies/Individuals as per Generally Accepted Accounting Principles [GAAP].



         Tax audit is the audit of a company/individual’s tax liability. It is a check on whether the tax liability on the company/individual is as per accordance to the tax laws, or there has been any manipulation in that regard. Our experts know the best answer to it after the audit is conducted. We guarantee 100%  accuracy in our service which provided to you.



         This audit consists of providing independent and expert oriented advice to an organization’s management and internal departments. It helps the organization achieve efficiency, economy and effectiveness in the working of its departments and thereby ensure smooth functioning of the entity. These audits are conducted by qualified experts having the experience of many years.



        Amount of tax payable on the income earned by an individual is called income tax. Income tax returns are to be filed by individuals, HUF, partnership firms, AOP, BOI, trusts, LLP ( Limited Liability Partnerships), companies (OPC, private & public).


     Documents which are mandatory:

           1)  PAN Number

           2)  Form 16 for salaried employees

           3)  Documents related to interest income

           4)   Section 80C, Investment documents for investment in PPF, ULIPS,

           5)  HRA income if applicable

           6)  Capital Gain Income if applicable



·  All individual whose income exceeds Rs 2,50,000 has to file tax returns.


·  If not filed it may lead to imposing of heavy fines by the IT Department via notice asking you to file your return. Interests keeps adding till the returns filed and tax paid. Additional Penalties may also be levied by the tax regulatory authority.